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Buy, sell, and invest,

simply and securely,

with Cryptoconex.

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Our Services

We bring together everything that’s required to buy, sell, and invest in cryptocurrency in Latin America. Cryptoconex’s secure and compliant services facilitate transactions and generate capital returns for retail and institutional investors.


Transaction Facilitation

We provide on and off ramps to crypto markets, for buyers and sellers, with fully secure and compliant escrow banking services.


Portfolio Management

Professional investment strategies such as 24-hour algorithmic trading, staking, and long-term Crypto-Mining.

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Consulting & Advisory

Onboarding and educational classes to get you started. Institutional business advice and treasury reallocation.

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Why Crypto?

The emergence of blockchain technologies has created a new digital asset class in which scarcity and trust is based on mathematical properties. We now find ourselves at the dawning of a new online age: with a decentralized, blockchain-based Internet known as Web3.


Financial incentives for open source developers and peer-to-peer network users lead to novel applications, fast iteration, permissionless innovation, and disintermediation. Crypto-assets financially reward early network adopters if the network expands. Since the asset appreciates as demand for the network increases, users of the network are also the stakeholders of the network.


The entire crypto market is currently valued at around $120bn and accounts for only 0.2% of the global stock market ($64trn). If we work from the principle that many public companies will gradually be challenged by their decentralized competitors, it makes sense to believe that what we are looking at will be one of the biggest transfers of wealth in history. The time is now.

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About Us

Cryptoconex is a cryptocurrency-focused financial services and investment management firm. The company facilitates Crypto transactions in geographies with high friction access to Blockchain markets, and actively manages and invests in global Blockchain assets to achieve exceptional returns for its investors. 


At Cryptoconex, we believe that cryptocurrency and decentralized blockchain markets represent one of the largest opportunities for wealth accumulation in history. Now is the time to provide access and guidance around moving and managing cryptocurrency to all people, not just those in first-world economies.


We are driven by this purpose, and we uphold our cultural values of transparency, innovation, financial wellness, and inclusion as our guide for making decisions and conducting business every day. It is our duty and privilege to be client champions and put those we serve at the center of everything we do. 

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